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Jim Crow politics on display as Brooks county absentee case Proceeds.... Quitman 10,

, Macon Political Buzz Examiner
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The issue is absentee ballots, but during the 2010 primary season in which many voters didn't bother to vote nationwide and in Georgia during  a mid-term election, the Brooks County African-American community exercised their voting rights.

Many voters in Brooks County are older African-Americans who are senior citizens in their 60's, 70's and  80's that witnessed first-hand the politics of Jim Crow in the last century, but had to deal with GBI agents coming to their doorsteps of  their small rural town with guns strapped to the side asking questions.

Some were voting for the first time or the first time in years in 2010, but there has been an ongoing effort by Republicans to present more obstacles and/or threats to eligible voters so they would be discouraged not to vote.

In 2009, Nathan Deal used the phrase 'ghetto grandmothers' in a meeting that featured a Cherokee County Republican Party audience during his run for governor and used that remark to explain why he was promoting proof-of-citizenship legislation.

Georgia is becoming more diverse with the African-American and Latino communities growing, and now the the Peach State is 45 percent minority. This is the driving force behind these efforts to discriminate.

Some may remember that Deal had written a letter to President Barack Obama and demanded that he present an acceptable long-form birth certificate in order to get on the ballot here in Georgia.

The new voter I.D. laws are designed to target minorities, but also younger people who may be college students.

Joe Mulholland had said the vote is 'sacrosanct', but supports Governor Deal's efforts of targeting African-American citizens in order to promote Jim Crow-type policies that has thrived in smaller, rural counties across the Deep South..

There is a reason why the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Act was passed in the 1960's. There is a reason why most of the South has to go through pre-clearance in regard to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

People in majority-minority cities such as Bainbridge, Arlington, Thomasville, Camilla, Moultrie, Adel , Valdosta and other cities across the state should know if their District Attorney--who is elected not appointed-- supports the Voting Rights Act or acknowledges there is a  proven history of racial discrimination in regard to the voting process.

Alleged efforts by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation of harassing older African-American voters in 2010 after J. David Miller authorized an investigation is problematic.

Mulholland alleges absentee ballot fraud happened during a November 28th appearance on FOX NEWS, but is asking the Quitman Free Press for help in obtaining more information.

If there wasn't information or proof, why indict the Quitman 10?

According to the rules for Absentee Voting: A Guide for Voters and Candidates, one of the questions that it presents is the following:

Question 4.4: If I am a resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility, can I receive
assistance with my absentee ballot?

...."Only a physically disabled or illiterate voter who is a resident of a nursing home or  assisted living facility can receive assistance in preparing his or her ballot from one of the following: any elector who is qualified to vote in the same county or municipality as the  disabled or illiterate voter; an attendant care provider or a person providing attendant  care; or the mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter,  niece, nephew, grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law,  brother-in-law, or sister-in-law of the disabled or illiterate voter.

The person rendering assistance to the disabled or illiterate voter in preparing the ballot  must sign the oath printed on the same envelope as the oath to be signed by the voter. In  addition, no person may assist more than ten such voters in any election in which there is  no federal candidate on the ballot.  If a federal candidate appears on a ballot, a person can  assist an unlimited number of voters in that election...."

Two federal office races did appear on the July 2010 ballot in Brooks County. One was the U.S. Senate race that featured incumbent Republican Johnny Isakson and Democratic candidate Mike Thurmond. The other was for the 2nd Congressional District . Sanford Bishop was the incumbent and Mike Keown was the eventual Republican nominee.

As we enter into 2012,  former Dixiecrat incumbents are trying to find a way to change the will of the people in regard to that 2010 election and in essence turn back the clock in rural Georgia.

The city of Quitman, according to the 2010 census, is 68 percent African-American and local seats that have majority-black districts that voted for President Barack Obama were being previously occupied by white Dixiecrats.

The city of Morven is approximately 57 percent African-American with a Latino population of close to nine percent.

Jim Crow politics is a part of the Peach State's history and unfortunately the lack of media coverage of what's happening in many of Georgia's rural counties has left the door open for the continued practice of voter suppression and voter intimidation and allegedly validated through the Board of Elections along with local law enforcement officials such as the District Attorney J. David Miller and now Bainbridge's Joe Mulholland.

Local accounts from the mainstream dailies Valdosta Daily Times and Albany (Ga.) Herald along with local television stations WCTV-TV in Valdosta and WALB-TV in Albany have been mostly vague or mostly limited and have focused mainly on the accounts of the local Dixiecrat incumbents who lost twice in 2010.

The main narrative from local South Georgia media is that there were an increased number of absentee ballots and that alone should warrant an investigation.

Three of the accused who are African American are part of the Brooks County Board of Education. 

Brad Shealy, who had been the long-time chairman of the Brooks Board of Education faced the prospect of being voted out as chairman and witnessing a majority-black Brooks County Board of Education for the first time ever.

Shealy lost his position when new leadership was elected in January 2011.

Shealy's day job is the assistant district attorney under J. David Miller who originally started the investigation back in the late summer of 2010.

What role did Shealy play in regard to Miler contacting the GBI?

Is this classic retribution politics and prosecutorial misconduct?

This connection between Shealy and Miller deserves more scrutiny from the public and possibly federal authorities, but local media in Valdosta and Albany have stayed away for now.

However, Shealy is poised to reclaim his former chairman seat in early 2012 with the help of the Mullholland's indictment and the power of Governor Nathan Deal to remove officials who are under indictment.

Nathan Deal, who came into office with an ethics cloud over his head as a congressman pror to becoming governor in 2011, is someone who voted against re-authorizing the Voting Rights Act as a U.S. congressman and has questioned the legitimacy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. 

The Quitman 10 believes they followed Georgia law and the accusation of fraud from local Dixiecrats  is erroneous.

Congress enacted the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, 42 U.S.C. 1973gg-5(a), (b), to enhance voting opportunities for every American and to remove the vestiges of discrimination which have historically resulted in lower voter registration rates of minorities and persons with disabilities. The NVRA has brought new voices to the political process by making it easier for all Americans to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Butler, 70, a white Democrat, lost back in the 2010 primary by 247 votes to Willie Cody-- an African-American. The final vote tally, according to the Secretary of State website, was 514 to 267.

Even though Butler voiced is displeaure of African-Americans being able to use the absentee ballot in Brooks County, he didn't run as a write-in candidate in the fall of 2010 for the majority-black district.

Two of the five Brooks County Commissioners are African-American, but conservatives/Dixiecrats still hold the majority

The real issue is Jim Crow politics and the alleged contempt for the Voting Rights Act of 1965  and the Voter Registration Act of 1993.

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Douglas-Coffee County "City of Douglas is split on noose incident, Ga. NAACP joins local protest. EXAMINER "Patrick Davis,"
City of Douglas is split on noose incident, Ga. NAACP joins local protest
·         By Patrick Davis, Macon Political Buzz Examiner
The city of Douglas is a rural town in South Georgia which is two hours southeast of Macon, and ninety minutes northeast of Valdosta.

Douglas is the home of the re-opened Pilgrim Pride chicken processing plant, but also where Dixiecrat politics and Jim Crow culture is alive and well in which some city officials feel comfortable re-enacting lynching scenes with a noose without fear of reprecussion or consequence.

Some attempt to portray the incident(s) as a  joke, but it speaks to a much larger socio-political problem in rural South Georgia in 2011--nearly fifty years after the Voting and Civil Rights Acts.. 

State NAACP officials traveled to the city of Douglas in Coffee County, Georgia in an effort to support the protest of  alleged racist incidents involving city employees.

The State NAACP are prepared to call the Justice Department and report this as a hate crime. Additionally, local African-Americans expressed that their speaking out may cause a backlash from local Dixiecrats.

It isn't just one lone incident, but a couple of incidents which requires more scrutiny.

In September 2010 at a training exercise for Douglas City Police officers.--according to the Douglas Enterprise newspaper-- it is alleged that Rodger Goddard took a noose that was tied by another officer (said to be Bart McCulloch), held it up in the air, and told African American officer Tony Ward “This is for you.”

Officer Ward didn't see it as  a joke, and was offended.

The City of Douglas Police Department Detective Rodger Goddard--who is white-- was disciplined and eventually terminated by the Douglas City Manager Terrell Jacobs in October 2011 .

However, one month later in mid-November, the Douglas City Commission, consisting of six members were deadlocked at 3-3 in regard to reinstating Goodard.

Olivia Pearson, a city commissioner who is African-American , had stated during the mid-November meeting: “My position is whoever was involved, let the investigation find that out and everybody can be dealt with. There could be additional repercussions involving others. 

The mayor's vote to reinstate a police detective who was taunting a fellow officer with a noose should be inexcusable and warrant a severe discipline, but the outgoing mayor's vote showed a lack of .sensitivity in the majority-minority city of Douglas.

Johnnie Lee Roper then stated, “I have been a witness to a lynching. It was 1944. I watched it; they made all of us watch. My thing is, this is poor judgment for a police officer. It is not a pleasant sight to watch a man dangle from the end of a rope.”

Goodard was reassigned and rewarded with a law enforcement position within the City of Douglas Code Enforcement Department.

With Goodard back at work, is this over? Many in the Douglas' community along with members of the State NAACP--led by Edward Dubose-- says this isn't the end of this and should not be tolerated in this community in 2011.

The city of Douglas, according to the 2010 Census, is 52 percent African-American and has a growing Latino population of six percent. So this city of approximately 12,000 people has a minority population of close to 60 percent.

The behavior of the police officer shouldn't be tolerated and unfortunately the Dixiecrat culture which had a stronghold over many rural southern communities need to be challenged.

For the outgoing mayor to bring back Goodard and summarily dismiss the noose incident is a bad sign, but it should be a wake up call for everybody-- including members of the African-American and Latino communities in Douglas and Coffee County.

The ballot box is one way of providing a remedy for this type of behavior. The city commissioners who voted to support Goodard and this behavior should be held accountable.

Goodard had a history of reprimands and City Attorney Jerome Adams started the November hearing and outlined Goddard’s past work history which included being “on probation” for a separate incident and provided a foundation for him to be fired.

Will James Dennis, the new Douglas mayor,  follow in the same Dixiecrat footsteps of his predecessor, Jackie Wilson?

Dennis won on November 8th mayoral election over longtime City Commissioner Johnny Lee Roper by 534 votes in a city that has a majority-minority population. 

According to the Coffee County Elections Office, there were 2,470 votes cast for mayor. Overall, there are 5,139 active registered voters in the City of Douglas.

Overall, Dennis won with 1,491 votes to Roper's 957.

Dixiecrat politics is still alive and well in rural south Georgia, but every election cycle, African-Americans and open-minded progressive whites have an opportunity to do something about it at the ballot box-- starting in 2012.

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Senator Robert Brown Ignored in South Georgia! As he stood in support of the Quitman 10...Why was this done in south Georgia? Why?

He never forgot rural Georgia! 
Never punked out under pressure!

TO:  My Fellow Georgians and Americans

As a retired military veteran living in Valdosta-Lowndes county Georgia will only publish the following links in recognizing the most Honorable Senator Robert Brown.  He came as a breath of fresh air as we watched the Quitman 10 all but be ignored by the Quitman Free Press and other Georgia News Papers along with television stations.

Look!  I witnessed Senator Robert Brown speak in Quitman, Georgia about the local news paper in Quitman, Georgia.  See and listen to what he had to say about the Quitman 10, and what others said about the Quitman 10!  This is a few words that show the greatness of this outstanding human being.

Senator Brown work to insure the Quitman 10 get justice in their case of alleged voter fraud.

We respect him although the South Georgia News Media White Machine ignore every visit he made in support of the Quitman 10.  It seems as if Georgia Voting Rights are of little to no importance to many in South Georgia.  They made Senator Brown to appear as the rejected stone that the builders rejected.

However, he has been included in the Historic Archival Records of South Georgia and every visit he made to South Georgia will be retained for coming generations.  He was truly a patriot among today’s reverse patriots and Christians.  To better understand this great man one only need to follow the links below and others on the internet.  Peace, love, and understanding.

What did the Quitman Free Press say to Senator Robert Brown

1.  George Boston Rhynes Interviewed the Senator Robert Brown in Macon in Support of the Quitman 10.

2.  The Quitman 10 with Senator Robert Brown in Brooks County Georgia for Support.

3.  Senator Brown worked in smaller forgotten Communities:  Quitman 10,

4.  Senator Brown “When people get a taste of freedom” Quitman 10 Support.

5.  Senator Robert Brown in Quitman, Georgia for support of the Quitman 10.

6.  Senator Robert Brown Ignored on several visits to South Georgia in support of the Quitman 10.  (If the citizens of South Georgia are wrong please challenge with truth)

7.  News Media Whiteout of Senator Robert Brown in Walker Street School
(support of the Quitman 10)!

8.  Senator Robert Brown and Quitman 10:  “This is very, very serious business”

9.  Both Senator Brown and Retired School Board of Education Member Ignored at public meeting in support of “The Quitman 10”

10.  Senator Brown:  The Quitman 10 is the most important movement in GEORGIA!  (His actual Quote)

11.  Senator Robert Brown and Retired Educator Ms Gladys Lee were ignored by South Georgia Media at meeting in support of the “Quitman 10“

Retired United States Forces Military Veteran
A concerned citizen and brother of all humanity

Also see:,

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Legislators Working to STRIP or SEVERELY RESTRICT the RIGHT of their fellow AMERICANS to VOTE! Quitman 12 and More on this blog are Information we need!

NAACP Information to all American Voters!
show details 2:13 PM (2 hours ago)

George Boston Rhynes,

Legislators around the nation have been working to strip or severely restrict the right of their fellow Americans to vote.

They claim to be preventing voter fraud. They deny that their goal is to suppress the votes of people of color, students, the elderly, and the poor. The truth is their efforts amount to nothing more than a scheme to undo generations of work securing the voting rights for all Americans.

The NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund have released an important new report on the relationship between the historic levels of participation in the 2008 election and the new voter suppression bills proposed and passed by legislatures around the country. The report removes any doubt about our opponents' intent, and we must not ignore this attack.

Take a moment to read the report and find out the truth. Then make sure your friends and family know about it too:
The report, "Defending Democracy: Confronting Modern Barriers to Voting Rights in America," provides indisputable evidence of a coordinated attack intended to silence the communities who turned out in record-breaking numbers in 2008: young people and communities of color.

The report exposes the reasons why new stringent voter ID requirements, bans on the formerly incarcerated -- people who have already paid their debt to society -- and suppressive rules on voter registration and early voting periods are being pursued.

In short, these laws threaten to undermine the record levels of political participation witnessed during the historic 2008 Presidential election by blocking access to millions of people, many of them our most vulnerable citizens. And it's no coincidence that this comprehensive assault was launched just in time to affect the 2012 election.

You can find full details of the voter suppression initiatives in the report. More importantly, the report provides a roadmap for our communities to begin to actively counter these block-the-vote efforts.
"Defending Democracy" is eye opening, and serves as the backbone for our Stand For Freedom Rally at the United Nations in New York City on December 10th. Please take a moment to download the report and spread the word to friends and family:

Today we face one of the biggest threats to civil rights in over a century. If these powerful forces capture our right to vote, the other rights we care so deeply about -- education, health care, equality for all -- could be at risk.

Thank you in advance for learning more about this crucial issue and taking action in your community.
Yours in justice,


Kim Michele Keenan, Esq.
General Counsel

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Quitman 10, News Information Ignored and Citizens Right to Know!

The truth about the Quitman 12, Citizens Why have the following information been kept away from the general public?  Why was this done and who will benefit by keeping the general public ignorant?  (I am willing to be challenged and debated; by any news media networks around the nation on the issues presented here and without exception)

1.  Board of Education Member Frank Thomas.  So why were all these speakers and events ignored concerning Georgians Right to vote! 

2.  Retired Brooks County Educator Another Ignored Speaker by the news media outlets! 

3.  Quitman City Council Member Speaks:  Speaking on and explaining Amendments to the constitution.  Ignored by all news media outlets and it is up to you to figure out why?

4.  So who are the Quitman 10?  George Boston Rhynes gives another look of the Quitman 10 Citizens: 

5.  Brooks County Commissioner Maxwell Tells his truth about his community!  Why was his message ignored by the State of Georgia News Media?  Why?

6.  Senior Representative of the Georgia General Assembly David Lucas (37 Years and longest Member in the Assembly) and Senator Robert Brown both gives support to the Quitman 10; but he too was ignored by the State of Georgia News Media! 

7.  Executive Director of the Coalition of the Peoples Agenda!  Hellen Butler was also ignored by the State of Georgia News Media Outlets!  Why were the citizens in South Georgia not notified about this support and voting rights information? 

8.  Representative and Civil Rights Veteran The Honorable Tyrone Brooks!  An’t going to let no GBI, Sheriff or no body else turn me around……   

9.  Senator Brown Ignored again while in Macon, Georgia!   Why was this information ignored in the South Georgia Area? 

10.  News White Out was NOT just limited to Black but White supporters of the Quitman 10.  Why was all this information NOT reported in Georgia News? 

11.  Brooks County Board President Nancy Dennard and one of the Quitman 10 carries out Board Meeting in a professional manner!  Do you agree? 

12.  President of the SCLC, Mostella of Atlanta also ignored by the State of Georgia News media Outlets.  Why was this done to voters in South Georgia? 

13.  Time for Quitman 10 Song!  This too was ignored by the State of Georgia News Media Outlets.  Why and can these Quitman Citizens get a fair trial in South Georgia with a Grand Jury and Jury of their peers? 

14.  George Boston Rhynes says its not about Race!  Its all about right and righteousness!  We must not allow Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others make us act less than good Americans! 

15.  November 23, 2011, Quitman 10, plus 2 - 12.  So was the Grand Jury and will the Jury be an all White Jury or Majority Jury?  Why was the racial make up of the Grand Jury not published in Georgia News Media Outlets and will the Quitman 12 have a jury of their peers?  Or will this too be ignored and unfair in our beloved community? 

16.  Why have the complaints from Brooks County Citizens about GBI alleged intimidation ignored by the State of Georgia News Media Networks?  Just follow the links below this video clip! 

Retired United States Armed Forces Military Veteran
A concerned citizen and brother of all humanity
Valdosta, Georgia

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The Quitman 10, Unanswered Questions, Omitted News, G.B.I. Investigators, Alleged Voter Suppression,

November 27, 2011

* Will the Quitman 12, be tried by a Grand Jury and Jury of their peers?  Or will they be assigned an all White Jury or a majority of Whites with only two or three Black Alternates that will give the appearance of a fair and just jury.  Even more importantly; why was the RACIAL MAKEUP of the BROOKS COUNTY GRAND JURY not made public?  Does the public has a right to know?  

Middle Georgia Reports!  Macon Examiner Take and Powerful View Point and Truth!  What if South Georgia News News Outlets Reported in this manner?  

1.  On December 21, 2010,

      --  The Original Quitman were arrested in Brooks County Georgia!
      --  They were charged with alleged Absentee Voter Fraud.

2.  However, on Wednesday, November 23, 2011.

-  We were notified for the first time.

-  That the Quitman 10 citizens-----had been indicted.  

-  And that; Brenda Monds, and Debra Dennard had been added to the list.

-  These 12 Outstanding Citizens have been charged and will finally have their day in court.

- If there were irregularities in the voting process why did the Georgia Secretary of State; wait for a year and a half to take action?

-  This delayed action; cast a negative shadow; upon the INTEGRITY of the Voting Process in the State of Georgia!

-   The EXMINER in Macon, Georgia perhaps said it best!  This is the historic Land of the Dixiecrats!

3.  I am also puzzled by the times article:

-  There were NO mention of:

    - -  Intentioal fraud, intentionally mishandling of absentee ballots, forged signatures, denied or forced voters to VOTE against their will!

    -- I only see:  possible voter fraud, and multiple counts repeated.

4.  What about complaints from Brooks County Voters:

-  About alleged voter intimidated by the Georgia GBI.

-  Especially, since this was widespread talk in the Black Community!

-  Why was the Elderly Voters not interviewed and the general public informed on these Brooks County Citizens?

-  Was the GBI Investigator that drove a WHITE truck investigated and did our news media publish anything about these complaints  to the general public?  If not, why not?

-  Is harassing of Voters in the State of Georgia; of any concern in Georgia anymore?

-  This lack of coverage has left citizens deaf; dumb; and blind to what goes on in their community.  So what was the purpose of not reporting this information to local citizens?

-  Why were NOT all Voters investigated on both sides of the Voting Process (Both Black and White) since there was an increase in all Absentee Ballots turned in for the election?

5.  In addition:

-  Has the General Public been properly informed:

   --  About the RACIAL makeup; of the Brooks County Grand Jury!

    --  Does the general public-----have a right to know?

    --  Who is to gain; by Georgia News Media not informing the General public in this case?

    --  Did District Attorney David Miller or his Assistant Shealy have an impact the General Public NOT being NOTIFIED?

    --  Does these OMISSIONS; reveal a PATTERN and PRACTICE of keeping citizens ignorant in the State of Georgia?

   -- Why would Quitman 10 meetings with nearly 200 people; NOT be reported by Georgia News Media Outlets?

   --  Who benefited by; ignoring major rallies, marches, church services along with trips outside of our community to meet with Georgia State Leaders?

   -- Why would the establishing of an NAACP Branch in Brooks County after the Quitman 10 arrests; not be of importance to citizens and Georgia News Paper Outlets in 2011?

  --  Why was Georgia State Senators, and Representative such as Senator Robert Brown, Representative David Lucas; a 37 Year Member of the Georgia General Assembly who traveled to Brooks County----in support of the Quitman 10 on several different occasions be ignored in 2011?

  --  Who determines what is news in Quitman and Brooks County?  And why did not other news media outlets see a need to inform the general public in the State of Georgia?

  --  Why was the NAACP State President Edward DuBose, District Coordinate Larry Locket, and SCLC President Mostella be ignored?  When they gave their support to the Quitman 10 and traveled to Brooks County but were ignored by the State of Georgia News Media Outlets?

   --  Why did Georgia News Media Outlets ignore; Rev. Joseph Lowery Organization; “The Peoples Agenda” when they traveled from across the State of Georgia to give their support to the Quitman 10?

  --  Why were senior citizens and other women organizations ignored when their members came to Brooks County to show support to the Quitman 10?  But was ignored here in  the State of Georgia.


-  Does citizens have a right to know; what is happening in their community?

-  If information is NOT reported to the public.  There is no way citizens can intelligently serve on GRANDJURIES or on JURIES as informed citizens of South Georgia.  Nor can citizens expect to have a JURY from among their peers?

-  By not publishing the racial makeup of the Brooks County Grand Jury; will this further inflame the Brooks County Community?  And plant in the minds of many; that the Quitman 12 cannot receive a fair trial here in South Georgia?

-  So, will citizens question the grand jury makeup?  Only to loose faith in sitting a jury that will be from among the Quitman 10 peers?

-  Will there be an all White Jury; or a Majority White Jury?
-  With (1 ) or (2) Blacks; on the jury.

-  Along with SEVERAL other BLACK alternates-----to give a certain appearance in the EYES of the public?

-  As Former President of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Branch of the NAACP.  I hope, and pray; that South Georgia Judicial System start out right!

-  So it can end up right, and reach a VERDICT in the State of Georgia.

-  That is beyond----a shadow of doubt.  Or QUESTIONS as to the guilt or innocence of the Quitman 12.      

Retired United States Armed Forces Veteran
Blogger, You Tuber, Author and Publisher
A concerned citizen and brother of (all) humanity

Thursday, November 24, 2011

777 Quitman 12, Indicted 11/2011

Quitman Ten, After indictment and what was the Grand Jury Make-up along the lines of being among their peers? We cannot afford to follow the same 1860 pattern and practice that has existed for too long in South Georgia.